No BS Review. Making a Murderer

I am a horrible reviewer. I don’t have the discipline to take notes and I also lack the patience to explain the big and little things that make something great, good, bad or lousy.
But I am a great persuader. I’m frickin awesome. There is no amount of tinfoil wrapped around your head that can stop me from controlling your thoughts.
I have an awesome power and you should thank your lucky stars I only use it for good and never evil.
I call my reviews NO BS. No bullshit. They are short and to the point. I don’t get paid by the word and I have never seen a Truffaut movie.  I think 2001 A Space Odyssey is boring and I don’t use italics or yer foreign words.
My reviews are NO BS because I am telling you what I liked, or didn’t, and why. Then I do a vulcan mind meld like thing and I either tell you to see it, or not to see it.
NO BS Review. Making a Murderer
This is a 10 part documentary, one hour each episode. It’s incredible and since I have watched it I have thought about it all the time. I have discussed it with friends and with people that are not my friends. It is upsetting and it makes you wonder how such a big system can become so wrong, and it makes you wonder if maybe the little system that we all operate in might also be wrong in their own, smaller ways.
I binged watched Making a Murderer, the whole thing devoured like a fat kid eating chocolate cake.
I loved it.
You must see it. (you must see it)

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