NRA isn’t dropping bombs

I don’t like to write about anything political on my blog site. I keep this to my investments and such. Blogging lets me collect my thoughts and file them systematically.
My Twitter account is insane. I admit it. It’s me being an electronic ‘guy talking to a lamppost’, 280 characters at a time.
This thread is my NRA twtr rant. I thought it would be fun to keep it in its original medium. Enjoy it or not…
1/x #NRA Piece of shit advocacy group, BUT, blasts against them are fukin idiotic #Rubio should resign because he has no intellectual ability to take their money and still possess any civic virtue
2/x #NRA  Can we dig deeper? American left has NO Democratic Party opposition to war. Fake Wakanda (does being black require affirmation from Disney/Marvel?) domiciled liberals and progressives have been manipulated to be allies of the military-industrial-complex
3/x #NRA  Democrats who wore kente cloth and/or boycotted the State of the Union cannot find their voices to object to America’s bombing of Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Somalia! Hmm
4/x #NRA and #democrats Bernie Sander is that same guy who is now ranting against Russia. His ‘hope’ and ‘change’ brings the left deeper into the democrat war machine.
5/x #NRA #democrats Russophobia is meant to silence the left. #Stein is punished for being on the left and for daring to run for the presidency. And #Sanders loves being on TV and being the old, wise, white man.
6/x #NRA #Democrats look, NewYorkTimes/Charles Blow works his mojo to the bone, fulminating against the “dark forces” that refused to support Hillary Clinton and apparatus return to the White House. 
7/x #NRA #Democrats NRA didn’t endorse HRC, but every cog in the war machine did. She of the “We Came, We Saw, He Died” is fucking worse than anything the NRA every said
8x #NRA #democrats For the Charles Blow/Joy Reid and their gangs, it is heresy to urge Black people to vote for third parties, or to refrain from voting. There ought’a be a law against it!
8/x #NRA  #democrats To the Black ‘media’ management machine of Joy Reid/Charles Blow etc., The Black Sanders supporters and activists are Russian co-conspirators. Blow condemns them all, he wrote “Killer Mike, a prominent Bernie Sanders supporter and surrogate, was still promoting the position that ‘If you’re voting for Trump or Hillary Clinton, you’re voting for the same thing.’”
9/x #NRA  #democrats But..Killer Mike was right!!! Both HRC and Trump are corporate capitalist politicians and warmongering racists. Sanders is the getaway driver for the dems: @DrJillStein fought Black voter suppression harder than the Democrats! Now she’s under Senate ‘Russian investigation” – i didn’t vote for her, i ain’t knocking people who did
10/x #NRA  #democrats The brought to the surface that the siphoning of the ‘Dem franchise’ of their Black voters and taking away from the corporate Dem/Rep duopoly, bring out the Dem pitchforks. They are ours…says Joy Reid/Charles Blow peeps
11/x #NRA  #democrats Dems used Trump’s election to inflict a kind of shock treatment on their own warring and warlike domestic policies. Dangerous gambit. The United States has a weak social contract and immense capacity for civil violence. The ‘progressives, left and establishment democrats are complicit, colluding with corporate interests, while their street patrols don ‘pussy hats’
12/x #NRA  #democrats none of what I said forgives the piece of shit Rubio (resign!) who can only whip the party line, and doesn’t forgive the NRA for putting a ‘faithful idiot’ stamp on politicians who take their money. But, boycotting nra, NO! It’s NOT the problem…
13/x #NRA  #Democrats Anti-Trump/anti-Russian fundamentalism is the heart of the #Resistance Resistance’rs requires strict adherence to the Bush/Hillary/Obama principles. War, abroad and at home.
14/x #NRA   #Democrats To mask the collapse of the Left and dems defense of corp power, their PR machinery substituted “social justice” movements for economic opportunities to acquire economic security and capital.
16/x #NRA  #democrats this strategy succeeded! Tens of millions of self-described “progressives” bought the GREAT CON that “social justice” campaigns on behalf of marginalized social groups were the defining feature of Progressive Social Democratic movements.
18/x #NRA #democrats Dems blast NRA, Republicans blast Planned Parenthood. Fuck them all and fuck you to

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