Nancy Konipol is the manager of NYNonProfit, administered and advised by Goldman Sachs and is a founding member of the Goldman Sachs Social Impact Fund
Immediately after 9/11, I created NYNonProfit, an extension of a family office, to help local nonprofits that were affected financially in the aftermath of recent tragic events.
I met with nonprofit organizations daily, it was a vetting process that could only happen eye to eye.
As the number of nonprofits I engaged with increased, I began to host NYNonProfit meetings which encouraged nonprofits, foundations, other family offices and politicians to work together. It was, at the time, a perfect solution. Many of our meetings were open and all were transparent so that the srlection process, criteria and those big and little particulars could be discussed and sometimes negotiated.
In 2008, I gave up active control to a 3rd party.
However, I had always anticipated re-engaging. I missed the connection to the community, to the people and to the wonderful work they and their organizations do.
So, I have brought it back as a brand new organization.

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