[vc_empty_space] Politics is a part of my life.
It wasn’t always that way. I did not come of voting age politically inclined. I always found myself in the cynical middle of Republicans and Democrats.
Like most givers and bundlers, you get brought in. Part lured and part an awakening. It’s a small club that is all things strategic, art form, philanthropic and big dollars. Of the top ten things in my life, those are in the mix.
My interest began in the early 90’s. This is my origin story in pics. The photo narrative ends with Bill De Blasio as Mayor.
New York City is a Democratic town and politics here is where everything comes together.
On occassion I have also shown favor to the rare Republican.
Who, What, Where and Why is my big and little secret.[vcfastgallery fg_gallery_name_show=”true” columns=”3″ fg_type=”photobox” size=”fg-masonry” fg_caption=”on” fg_main_color=”#661a1a” fg_secondary_color=”#ffffff” fg_spacing_active=”on” fg_gallery_name_font_color=”#661a1a” pb_thumbs=”false” pb_autoplay=”false” fg_thumbs_masonry=”large” images=”6444,6445,6459,6561,6405,6564,6551,6604,6621,6622,6623,6624,6640,6628,6629,6634,6627,6601,6549,6641,6643,6660,6659,6664,6666,6671″]
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