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It is not easy to change inside out. You have to step away from yourself to get a better view. You have to chisel a block of stone.
It should begin with a concept of yourself, the way you are today. When a person thinks of their current physical form they likely juxtapose a confused nostalgia for the present.
The body that we think have is an apparition of a Christmas past. Our older body composition has changed, it has lost muscle and gained fat, bones have thinned.
Every unwanted pound of fat is too much luggage for a short trip.
Eating well is the most difficult variable because it requires sustained discipline; it is sleeping with one eye open and self awareness. You must be alert to your own urges and their triggers.
Distinguish the qualities of food. ‘Not unhealthy’ foods does not qualify them as ‘healthy foods’
Food intake must serve a specific purpose and be of high quality.
Drink high quality proten shakes. its the most efficient mechanism for the proper intake.
You have to be willing to prepare your own food and bring it with you in containers.
Restaurants are salespeople of the worst sort.
A little hunger should be carried like a backpack. It will give you more energy, enhance your awareness of your body and you will then be able to evaluate foods better. You will see after a time that you can actually feel the sustenance of the ingredients rather than evaluating a meal post-action by ‘am I full?’
Proper sleep is a several twists closer to solving a Rubik’s cube
Walking is better than not walking. Walking is an activity; it is not exercise because you cannot get to an optimal intensity, cardio and muscle utilization. The body response to walking (and other activities) by becoming more adapt at the motion so that it may learn to do it more efficiently buring less calories and reducing energy output.
Muscles will fill your body where once fat was its tenant.
Muscle will keep you burning calories throughout the day.
Work out 6 to 7 days a week. Let it become your unquestioned routine.
The best possible is to work out twice a day. Once in the morning prior to breakfast to eat up the stored carbohydrates and increase metabolism. The second in the evening to work out with weights.
In ending this series, i hope that any of my words have been helpful to whomever may find this time capsule buried in the Internet. Good health is a gift that keeps giving.
The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.
Tony Robbins
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