Radioactive Chicken Heads ☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️

Radioactive chicken heads.

Sunday night at a Tarzana bowling alley, I was invited to go see a selection of performers at a small venue show. As my editor loves me covering small venues in and around L.A., I had to go check out a bowling alley with live performances on the regular. The biggest reason i was intrigued was a band i have been dying to see for some time was set to be taking the stage. That band is of course The Radioactive Chicken heads.

Carrot Topp, Nuke Boy, and Headless Mike rocking out.

Started back in 1993 in Orange, California, this band has quite the cult following. After seeing them live i can see why and can tell you the next day I had the CD blasting in my car and was already singing along like a lifelong fan. The masks and theatrics for the show are out of this world and has you jumping out of your seat and looking for the mosh pit, with RCH punk rock sound.

El Pollo Diablo shows off his air guitar skills.

The beginning of the show starts off with a perfect hillarity of Nuke Boy walking around with a sign before the show saying “cluck you,” waving and shouting the phrase. A true, “I dont give a f***” punk rock attitude. with some chuckles and hard core introductions all of a sudden these massive radioactive chickens come out from the front entrance of the bar. When I say massive, I mean massive. This writer is 6’8” and I was in there shadows.

Pictures dont do justice to the details of these costumes. To eyeballs falling out of Bird Brain’s head, to the creepy stare of Nuke Boy, they help totally immurse you into the bands radioactive storyline.

During the song “i looked in the mirror”, Evil Carrot shares the stage with the Radioactive Chicken Heads.
Chuckie Cheeese getting what he had coming

Evil characters come to try to ruin the show but RCH have no problems kicking there butts and showing them some old school punk love.

Even while writing this I couldnt help but sing Frankinchicken. After catching this show, I cant wait to catch the next one. Sgt.psyclopps shredding it on the guitar, the characters, and the killer songs if you have the opertunity see this band you wont regret it and you might even catch yourself clucking along to the songs. Check these guys out on Instagram @radioactivechickenheads for merch and upcoming shows.

“Tales From The Coop”
Radioactive Chicken Head album
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