Sales Assembly Line. Part 7. CEO Should Not Sell

A common characteristic of the entrepreneur CEO is that they have difficulty transferring their concept of a thing to someone else. They get frustrated and that cascades down. When the sales division is not operating properly they micromanage the sales transaction and neglect the entire system.
In a sales meeting, CEOs often have a difficult time explaining their own product, they describe the way ‘they’ see it. They will forever imprint that experience, some of its good elements, and all of its bad and then build processes around that experience.
CEOs shouldn’t sell
What CEOs should do is be patient, stay in the office, put their entire vision of the product, its distribution, value to the prospect, pricing, all of its mechanisms and apparatus on a white board. Then, whatever is there, erase it. It isn’t right.
If it was right you wouldn’t be infusing yourself into ‘sales’. There is an emotional reserve that every person has. Sales expends very little of that reservoir, wiping the whiteboard clean, have humbling, productive business conversations with yourself and the team is exhausting. Order in pizza. 
Don’t sell…
The End?
This is a long essay that I have divided up into its component pieces:
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