The cold war. Amazon against the world. U.S. Rep Cicilline asks for hearings

The Amazon Whole Foods acquisition is a work in progress and so is the resistance. We’ve been pundited and corporate propagandizing to one side and my posts are the murmurs of the other. This is what I’ve written so far:
Amazon acquires 91,000 employees. Robots are coming, the human usurption begins
Amazon is a country, Jeff Bezos is its tyrant and we are the useful idiots
Reading those you may become ‘Amazon curious’ or outraged. US Rep Cicilline just fired the first shot, please read the embedded letter he wrote requesting hearings. There will be actions and visibility. I am inviting you to b a bit more informed on ‘why’. Embedded is the letter. Somewhere in its middle is this eye catcher:
(the deal) “raises important questions concerning competition policy, such as how the transaction will affect the future of retail grocery stores, whether platform dominance impedes innovation, and if the antitrust laws are working effectively to ensure economic opportunity, choice, and low prices for American families.”and (the deal might) “increase Amazon’s online dominance, enabling it to prioritize its products and services over competitors.

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