Timestamping my prediction: Conor v Mayweather

Every sports contest has people who are convinced, and occasionally convincing, that they predicted the outcome.
I am timestamping my predictions for McGregor v Mayweather. I’m not gonna give a whole analysis or the forensics of  how I solved, or didn’t, this puzzle because it just doesn’t matter. Either something happens or it doesn’t.
These quick points…
Mayweather is 49-0 in boxing. McGregor is 0-0. This fight should not be allowed, but it has been
Conor is more experienced at stepping backwards and quick explosions on offense. If Mayweather takes one step backwards it will be a very short night.
Conor left hand will land on its 154 pound target. Nate Diaz couldn’t withstand the left when he weighed 170 pounds, no way that Mayweather can take it, if it lands, it’s lights out.
It’s hard as heck to land a clean shot on Mayweather, his body and head movement isn’t a potted plant. He will slip all but one punch.
McGregor will work the body of Mayweather and then Conor punches up north it’s not easy to deflect the punches because of the way they land and Mayweather’s difficulty with a southpaw
Mayweather’s 40 year chin has taken a lot of abuse, when the joint loses its elasticity it’s gone, it doesn’t come back.
Mayweather and his entire team are very overconfident. So was Hillary, her and her campaign talked about their amazing technology and ground game, then they lost. Mythologies die hard and never underestimate your opponent. If Mayweather is undisciplined he will open himself up and get knocked out.
Mayweather has never been undisciplined. He is always patient and okay to let a fight go the distance and avoid risk
bla bla bla…
McGregor wins by knockout. In the huge upset, its McGregor in the early rounds

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