What Is Tapplock: Digital Security Technology You Need to Try!

In this article, we are going to discuss what is Tapplock and all the details related to it.

Forget about the trouble of keeping so many keys with you or recalling codes because Tapplock has come with the most exceptional digital lock pad system that introduces the smartest lock system ever.

Tapplock is the lock that needs no key or any codes to unlock. This quality feature of it has made it a unique one.

What Is Tapplock:

Tapplock is one kind of lock that anyone can use for security. But the difference of it than other locks is that it has no trouble of keeping keys for it or memorizing any lengthy codes.

The only thing it needs to open it is a fingerprint. Yes, you heard it right! You only need the finger to unlock it and nothing else.

TappLock Models:  

There are two models of Tapplock, according to the users’ demands. One is the Tapplock One+ & the other is Tapplock Lite.

Tapplock One+

Tapplock One+  has the advanced locking technology you can ever imagine! It is the lock you can trust without causing any trouble.

Tapplock One+  is waterproof and made with stainless steel that keeps it rust-proof. The function of it arrays with the highest cyber protocol technology.

And also, the design includes a double-layered lock design. It is available in three trendy colors- sterling silver, gunmetal, and midnight black.

It is the lock that unlocks in three ways-  by fingerprint, with Bluetooth technology, and by backup code. This lock unlocks with the fingerprint in just 0.8 seconds only.

It has the technology that can store up to 500 fingermarks per lock. Anyone can even track the access history with the help of Tapplock software. It can identify users with 99.99% accuracy.

Tapplock One+ can assure a one-year battery life by charging once. That means it can unlock 3500 times with one time charging. You can even check the battery percentage with the help of the Tapplock app downloading from the play store.

 Tapplock has a light indicator on its body. When the charge is below 10%, Tapplock will show a red light, and it will keep blinking.

Tapplock Lite:

Tapplock Lite is almost the same as Tapplock One+ but provides fewer services. It is light weighted, stainless steel body and also water and rust proved. Also, it is available in three different classy colors-flame red, ash black, and electric yellow.

The thing where it is different is that it can store up to 100 fingerprints per lock. Using the Tapplock app, it is also manageable. Its battery can provide eight months of service in terms of one-time charging. It means it can unlock 1200 times by charging only once.

Like Tapplock One+, Tapplock Lite is also conductible through the Tapplock app. Though it has fewer features than tapplock One+, it does not lag in security service. It also unlocks in three ways-fingerprint, Bluetooth, and backup codes.

Wrap Up

Tapplock comes with such an exclusive feature of locking that makes the locking system a unique one. In the article, we have written about what is Tapplock, and we hope it can be of great use to know this excellent lock system for securing your things in a smart way ever!

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