How To Make Wireless Charger: Easy & Secured Way

Are you feeling bored with your old wired charger? Then, try this simple way to make a wireless charger on your own.

Nowadays, technology is getting so advanced that everything we use is often wireless so, even our mobile charger. Sometimes, this wireless charger is very costly. Again, we are afraid of making such things related to current.

In this article, we are going to show you a step by step guideline on how to make wireless charger. And you can safely make this wireless charger at home.

Equipment To Make Wireless Charger:

There are many ways to make a wireless charger. After researching a lot, we have found out the simple method and also the equipment to make it are available near you. And these are-

how to make wireless charger
  • Copper wire
  • Tape
  • A medium-size magnet
  • Charger Cables
  • Adapter
  • Scissor
  • Aluminum foil paper
  • Glue

To know how to make wireless chargers Follow the steps serially.

Step-1: Cut The Foil Paper And Wrap it on the Ends of The Cables

how to make wireless charger

Cut the foil paper in four pieces and wrap it on the edges of the two cut charger cables. (Shown in the picture)

Step-2: Wrap The Cables With Copper Wire

how to make wireless charger

Now take the copper wire and wrap the free edges of the cables covered with foil paper.

Step-3: Wrap The Cables With A Tape

how to make wireless charger

Now take a tape and wrap the cables’ edges with the tape.

Step-4: Again Wrap With Copper Wire

how to make wireless charger

When you tape the cable’s edges, now wrap them again with copper wire.

Step-5: Attach the Magnet with the Adapter

how to make wireless charger

Now attach the magnet with the adapter with the help of any glue.

Step-6: Connect The Cables With Mobile And Adapter

how to make wireless charger

Connect one cable with mobile and another one with the adapter that is for connecting with the adapter. And now, plug in the adapter on any current source and switch it on. You can see your mobile’s screen light is on, and it is taking charge, though it is at a distance from the adapter

Here, the copper wire that we use is the main element because it has the quality of transporting electron. As the flow of electron causes current, when you switch on the source, it sends electron particles through the copper wire and the magnet without any wired connections.

That is how you can make a wireless charger on your own. And for this, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and not money yet. In this article, we have described the secure method on how to make wireless charger, and this is the easiest method ever you can try!

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