IMO vs. Whatsapp: Which One Is Best For You?

Are you in a dilemma of which one to use between IMO and WHATSAPP? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we have included all the information to make a comparison between IMO and WhatsApp, providing maximum features and pros & cons.

Basic Info of IMO & Whatsapp:

IMO & WHATSAPP are both widely used messaging apps. Both are used not only for audio & video calling but also for sharing messages, pictures videos, URL links, etc.

IMO is ranked in the twenty-second position in using. There are a lot of features provided with the Imo app. These features make the app use more comfortably and user-friendly.

Whatsapp is the most widely used and is ranked eighteenth and the most used messaging app in the world. The things for which people choose WhatsApp are its features.

To make a comparison and choose the suitable one, first of all, you need to know about their features. So let’s have a look at it.

 Comparing Features Between IMO & Whatsapp:

Instant Messaging Service:

IMO provides the best quality of immediate messaging service throughout the world. Even in a poor quality network, it works well. WhatsApp delivers one of the best quality of instant messaging services.  From businessman to an ordinary person uses WhatsApp, we all get the best out of it.

Audio & Video Calls:

Through IMO, you can make both audio and video calls. And while making a video call, you can enjoy a big screen.

Like IMO, you can make both audio and video calls on Whatsapp as well. While making a video call, you can enjoy a green-color screen showing the other user’s user picture. In WhatsApp, while doing an audio call, you can switch to video call anytime by requesting video and can be back again in your audio one. This feature is not available in IMO.

Group Chat:

Using both Imo and WhatsApp, users can make group video call or group chatting like skype. It is much cheaper than skype.

Stickers & Emoji:

Both IMO and Whatsapp have some collection of stickers and emojis to use and make chatting more interesting.


You can share any pictures, videos and URL links through Whatsapp and IMO. Unlike IMO, Whatsapp has some other sharing options such as sharing location, file, contact as well as music stored in your device. Whatsapp also has the feature of sharing a status.

Again IMO has the feature of sharing a story. The story viewer can be controlled to be seen by friends or friends of friends.

Sharing Life:

Another remarkable feature of IMO is you can share your live or join a live chat from your IMO account and connect to your friends or nearby users. Whatsapp does not have the feature of live sharing.


While chatting or messaging, some icons pop up to make the chatting system more improved. When you send a message, this sign of blue () is shown.

If the receiver is not online, then there will be one icon. If the receiver is online, there will be two blue color signs (√√), whether the receiver sees the message or not.

Like IMO, there are also some icons in Whatsapp that pop up to make the chatting system more improved and understandable. When you send a message, this light grey color sign () is showed. If the receiver is not online, then there will be one icon.

But if the receiver is online but has not seen the message, then there will be two light grey color signs (√√). If the user sees your message then these two signs become blue colored (√√).

Calling Screen: 

A white color calling screen is seen fit to the screen. While making a call, there will be written calling if the other one is not online, whereas ringing if the receiver is online.

A green color calling screen is seen with the user’s picture in the middle. Like the IMO app–while making a call–there will be written calling if the other one is not online, whereas ringing if the receiver is online.

Privacy Settings:

You can block or accuse a contact if you need it. You can control the last seen or read receipts status and your avatar by making it shown to everyone–your contacts, or nobody. Whatsapp provides maximum privacy features.

You can block or report a connection if you need your privacy. In WhatsApp, you will find some options to control the last seen, read receipts status, your profile picture, or you’re about info.

IMO gives the allowance to the third party and share information. But Whatsapp does not allow any third-party allowance. Again WhatsApp has the option of two-step account verification, which makes your account more secure.

After knowing the features, you can now go through the pros  & cons of it to make a neutral comparison and choose your one.



  • Works  well at bad networks and  in the  smartphone having less than 1GB RAM
  • Has a website to chat both on android or i-OS users and can be used in the new homepage style
  • Can be kept an eye on kids through IMO spy app


  • The audio & video calling screen is dull. You can’t even see the other one’s user picture here.
  • The privacy policy is not improved. Third-party can have access to your IMO account.
  • Using IMO Spy App, anyone can hack your IMO account and get access to your chat history.
  • Doesn’t have the location sharing option
  • Advertising is always pop up as it does not have the third party privacy policy. But in the premium version, these can be removed.
  • Can’t recognize the contacts by their name; instead, you have to save the number in your contact list first to find that.
  • While enjoying an audio call, you can’t switch to video; you have to call again to make video calls.

PROS & CONS Of WhatsApp:


  • Has the maximum privacy features
  • End to end encryption that means no allowance to the third party.
  • Two-step account verification system
  • Has the account backup options
  • Can attach 20 images at a time
  • Can share live location


  • Some Middle Eastern countries have call prohibitions on Whatsapp
  • Whatsapp does not work well in a poor quality network.

After reading about all the features and the pros & cons, we hope you will have a clear concept of these two messaging apps. You can now choose the best and suitable one for yourself.

Verdict Words

Imo and Whatsapp–these two calling & messaging apps are the famous and mostly used applications. Though they are not the recent invention, in some months of the design, both of them have gained much popularity worldwide.

But like the proverb “every coin has two sides” the term- IMO vs WHATSAPP  is arising among some people.

  1. swaggyneesh

    I personally prefer “WhatsApp”. I’m more of a Snapchat kind of girl (I love how the messages disappear after 24 hrs) but I met a guy who lived in Bermuda and WhatsApp is very popular out there. So I made a profile and ended up really loving the app & its features. I love how you can post stories but only your contacts can see them, you don’t have to befriend the whole world, it’s more intimate. Some people don’t want to have hundreds of people seeing what they post, that’s when things get messy. So I give WhatsApp 5 stars ✨

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