5 natural tips to make your pimples disappear.

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Acne: the nightmare of many teens and students. All it takes is a button to ruin the day. And for those who suffer from it constantly, it’s even more complicated. Fortunately, a few natural solutions can get rid of it or at least minimize the damage.

1. Stop eating too much fat

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A pizza on Monday, a kebab on Tuesday, a burger on Wednesday … And it’s the button party guaranteed! It also works with soda and processed foods (like ready meals). The reason? It’s full of saturated fatty acids, which tend to promote sebum production. It is therefore better to focus on fruits and vegetables to increase vitamin C intake for immunity and skin radiance.

2. Try apple cider vinegar

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An effective way to fight acne is apple cider vinegar. The latter reduces the pH of the skin, absorbs excess sebum, and also has an anti-bacterial effect. It suffices to mix one part of cider vinegar for 8 parts of mineral water, then to dab the skin with a soaked cotton ball. Leave to stand for 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with clear water and you’re done.

3. Make a cure of natural lemon juice

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Natural lemon juice is a powerful cleanser and antibacterial, known to make pimple skin fast. Just soak a cotton swab in freshly squeezed lemon juice and dab it on the areas to be treated. If it tingles a little, it’s normal, it’s because it acts. Do this every day for 10 days and you should see your pimples go away.

4. Apply an anti-acne disinfectant mask

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In a small bowl, mix two tablespoons of clay, the juice of half a lemon, two drops of peppermint essential oil, and a drop of tea tree essential oil. The preparation is placed as a mask on the T zone (forehead, nose, and chin), avoiding the eye area and left to act for a good 10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. Guaranteed efficiency!

5. Spread on toothpaste

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While it may sound strange, toothpaste turns out to be an excellent acne treatment because it has drying properties. Just take a small amount on the tip of your finger and apply it to each pimple. In just 24 hours, you should see results.

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