What to Look for in Water Filtration Systems?

Last Friday, my aunt visited our house. She complained of getting sick frequently. Eventually, when she was drinking water, she praised the quality of water. She added that at her house, water is not so good.

Then, I got the reason of her being ill. And, I guided her to buy a water filtration system to make her drinking water pure. So, she asked me what to look for in water filtration systems. I explained to her, and she made her mind to purchase one.

I realized the majority of people are unaware of it. Therefore, I made my mind to write an article to make people aware of it.

What to Look for in Water Filtration Systems?

Let’s dive into the points to make you understand about water filters and buy the proper one!

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1.      Pore Size of Filter

Some water filtration systems have pore size good enough to remove viruses. But these are expensive systems. Similarly, some systems can remove microorganisms, but they cannot remove viruses.

In a market, there exist such systems which even cannot remove microorganisms due to their pore size.

However, they can remove other impurities. In this case, to kill microorganisms and viruses, UV light technology can be used.

2.      Purpose of Water Filtration System

It has many types according to techniques incorporated to filter contaminants from water.

For instance, some systems can make your water taste-less and odorless. On the other hand, some filters can kill microorganisms that exist in your water to make it harmless.

Similarly, some filters can filter out impurities like small particles and soluble metals. They can also remove chlorine and iron from water.

It is preferable that you first identify your need for water purification. You can test your water sample via a trusted lab. Then, select one.

3.      Maintenance Requirement of Water Filtration System

If you ask what to look for in water filtration systems to a busy person, he or she would undoubtedly say a maintenance-free design.

In some filtration systems, you need to replace cartridge, filters, some other parts and clean them after a certain period. However, some systems do exist which are maintenance-free or require minimum maintenance.

You can trade-off between your budget and your available time for maintenance. You should select systems as per your requirements.

4.      Filtration Rate of Water Filtration System

Your consumption of water varies as per your family size. You may have a big family or a small one, which dictates how much water is consumed each day.

According to scientific research,

“Normally, one person uses 100 gallons of water on an average.”

Based on your water requirement, you need to choose the appropriate filtration rate of the water filtration system.

5.      Installation Easiness of Water Filtration Systems

Some systems are easy to install. Therefore, you do not need to pay a plumber for installing the system.

However, some systems require technical expertise to install them. Consequently, you need a plumber to install such systems.

You should consider installation methods before buying a water filtration system.

6.      Standards

It is essential to answer what to look for in water filtration systems. There are some institutes and organizations which provide certifications after proper testing of the system.

Some of these organizations are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), WQA (Water Quality Association), ANSI, etc. It is essential to know whether these institutes certify the system or not.

However, the cost of getting certified by these organizations is high. Consequently, it adds to the system cost.

7.      Life Expectancy of Water Filtration System

Any human-made system does not operate infinitely. It comes to an end. Similarly, the water filtration system also has a limited life.

Some systems have ten years of warranty. In contrast, some have 5 years. Long-life systems are costlier than short-life methods.

You must choose one according to your pocket and desire.

8.      Cost of Water Filtration System

Before buying a water filtration system, you should have a proper understanding of your requirements as you can pay for what you need. As the cost of each type is different, it depends on the technology used in the system.

For example, your government provides you with treated water. But, you did not like the smell of the treated water.

To make water taste-less and odor-less, you can go for such a system designed explicitly for this purpose.

9. Contamination-Freee Water Systems

However, if the water contains pollutants, then you should choose such a system that can extract those contaminants.

Moreover, you can buy gadgets to improve the water quality further. This way, you can pay efficiently and effectively.

10.      Running Cost of Water Filtration System

Some filtration systems require replacement of pre-filter, post-filter, and some other parts. Additionally, UV (Ultraviolet) purifier needs electricity to operate.

You should calculate this cost and compare it with the cost of bottled water. The filtration system’s running cost must be less than the price of bottled water.

11.  Warranty of Water Filtration System

Every human-made system can mal-operate and mal-function. The water filtration system can also have operational issues.

Most good suppliers always provide warranty for a certain period. However, some suppliers did not offer it.

To safeguard your invested amount, you should ask for a warranty from the supplier. So, you can claim when it does not operate as intended.

Conclusive Words

To sum up, pure drinking water is necessary for being healthy and staying away from illness.

Therefore, you should make your water pure now, as you know what to look for in the water filtration system from this article.

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