A Complete Guideline On How to Control RC Trucks

Do you have an RC truck but you don’t know how to control it!! Have no worries. In this article, you will find A-Z step by step details on how to control RC trucks.

RC toys-radio controlled or remote-controlled toys are known as RC toys. These toys can be controlled from a distance by using a remote and this remote works through radio waves.

Before learning how to control RC truck, firstly, you need to have a little idea about how the RC truck works or what the parts are in an RC truck so that you can know if the truck is in good condition to ride or not.

This article is going to help you learn all the details about managing an RC truck. Let’s dive into it.

Parts Of RC Truck:

 Almost every RC toys(Truck, car, plane, etc.) have these following parts-

  • Power Source: Gives the energy to ride, which is a battery.
  • Transmitter: Sends signals while controlling it.
  • Receiver: Receives the signals given from the transmitter.
  • Motor Operates the truck.
  • Controller: Known as remote also is used to control and ride the truck. The transmitter is included in this controller.

Now when you have a little knowledge about the parts, you can start to ride.

Time For Controlling:

Plugin the battery and check if your battery is working correctly or not. You can check it by just triggering any switch of the controller. To control any RC truck, the part you need is the controller. Because without it, you can not control any Rc toy.

Different RC truck models have different controller functions. But we are here giving the basic functioning modules that almost every controller has, and this basic functioning knowledge is quite enough to control an RC truck.

RC Truck Controller:

RC truck controller has mainly two parts –one is the trigger, and the other is the steering wheel. To control the truck, you need to learn to control these two.

Step by Step Guideline on How to Control  RC Trucks:

To have control over an RC truck basically, you need to learn the functions of the trigger and the steering wheel and then learn how to control.


The main work of the trigger is to accelerate or decelerate and to give a brake. It’s working process is as same as the gear of a real car.

  • Pull the trigger back to give acceleration or to start the truck.
  • Release the trigger to decelerate.
  • To stop your running car release the trigger to its neutral position.

Steering Wheel:

The steering wheel is to operate the vehicle to go left or right.

  • To keep the vehicle running straight, keep the steering wheel at the center point.
  • Turn the steering wheel left to let the vehicle go left.
  • Turn the steering wheel right to let the vehicle go right.

Now try to control the trigger along with the steering wheel. To go straight Just pull the trigger and no need to move the steering wheel. Thus your truck will go on a straight forward line.

Pull the trigger backward and also turn the wheel to the left slowly, your truck will go left. Push it slowly forward and move the steering right to let your vehicle go right. Thus practice a lot and try to gain control over the truck. Always push the trigger and move the wheel gently; otherwise, you will end up frequent flipping.

When we push the controller, the transmitter sends a specific number of signals as a waveform through the air. It works based on radio signals. So, while driving it, you need to be careful about losing signals, consequently losing control.

Final Words

 It would help if you kept in mind that RC trucks are fantastic off-road but very slow on-road. The RC trucks may flip a lot while trying to make high speed.

To sum up, if you are doing off-road all-terrain racing, then you must need to know how to control RC trucks with the simple ways given in this article.

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