#DemsInPhilly Audition for used car salespeople #DemConvention

I watched (almost) the entire Republican Convention and I have watched almost the entire Democratic Convention. There is still one day left, tonight Hillary will speak.
I know many of the people who have gone on stage speaking. I also know many delegates and those spectators and supporters in the stands.  I have been a lifer Dem and my disclaimer is at the right of this post.
This Convention has become a joke. It is a lie.
Sanders supporters are plucked from their seats, their signs are taken away from them, they are evicted, they are replaced by paid stand ins. People who object to the anti-democratic TPP, those who have concerns about fracking, those who want answers and accountability about our endless wars, those people who object to the manipulations of their own party are being accosted by all the might of a system out of control of its membership. These voters are being coerced and abused.
The DNC has erected a wall outside the arena to protect itself from itself. There is also a freaking wall inside the arena that circles the stage, a clear glass divider. Can it be Fasicst if the set pieces are colorful and lovely?
The Republican convention had the elites of the party that organized to stop Trump and they utilized some parts of the grass-roots movement. The Dem have an entirely different problem, this is a revolt within the very base of the party. It is not a small localized faction, this is through-out.
Yet, MSNBC, CNN, NBC and the pamphleteers at WaPo, NYTimes, Vox, Buzz Feed et al give little, if no, ink to what’s really going on. Their narrative is that the party is uniting around Hillary. It’s not. 
Every person on stage speaking, all the politicians, all the yummy millennial singing inharmoniously the songs of unity and love, all of this is Hollywood manufacture. Every person idiotically waving the placards that have been selected for them to idiotically wave and every person participating are auditioning for a job as a used car salesperson. “Sell this lemon”. 
Are the people frantically dancing to the DNC music playlist the same ones that poll as being upset with the lack of intelligent discussion of ‘issues’?
Ultimately truth loops around back to itself. Hillary will lose in a landslide. She has very little organic base that supports her. She has consultants, a willing media that needs her ad buys, focus groups and all the apparatus, but people don’t want more Clinton. She stands in front of Black, Latino and Women as props. For all of the bullshit talk about diversity, this is just another all white Academy Awards.
#DemexitDisclaimers, trigger alerts and microaggression:
I was born and raised in NYC. I am 50 years old. My bio is here.
I am a (liberal?) Democrat. I have given,hosted,bundled, been on finance committees. I’ve split the vote. I can read polls. I can make up compelling statistics
I was infrequently in school, I cut a lot of classes. I was inadequately indoctrinated and only partially assimilated.
Hobbies: I study Supreme Court decisions, Roman, Greek & American History. I play scrabble.
I have an unpleasant but occasionally profitable habit of asking ‘why’ until I understand all the complexity of something.
I intend to vote for Trump, I wrote about it here

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