Energy Pole proposed by G Labs holds the potential to reinvent the conventional means of electricity consumption


With the increase in global warming, it has become essential to reduce our carbon footprint however, installing typical solar panels at home is often expensive and inefficient if the sunshine is not constant. To solve this problem, G Labs has come up with an innovative way that is both affordable and yields power throughout the day and night. 

G Labs is an incubator software and hardware lab for new technology and prototypes in software, mobile, and internet. It has launched a new energy pole that has the ability to power most small homes by utilizing wind and solar renewable energy. It is the first step to making renewable energy sources much more feasible and flexible for the general public.


The wind turbine accompanying the solar panels allows power to be produced even through the night. The windmill consumes 1600 Watts and the four solar panels attached consume 400 Watts thereby, the entire energy pole consumes only 2000 Watts combined. The Energy Pole has deep cell batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the excess power is sent back to the grid. The solar panels are mounted in foldable supports for easy storage when not in use. The batteries are stored in a compartment attached to the pole shaft for easy access and protection from the weather. It can be installed on any sturdy rooftop or anywhere in the ground thus, highlighting the fact that it can be used as a means to generate electricity for both home and business.

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According to a 2017 article from Solar Industry Magazine, the high upfront costs of solar panel installations and the slow return they provide are turnoffs for people looking for an energy alternative. At less than $3000, the G Labs Energy Pole provides a better alternative and overall greater incentive to switch to renewable energy sources. Arnel Guiang, the founder and creator of G Labs and the Energy Pole, is currently testing the first prototype to power his home and electric car. It is a simple way to utilize wind and solar energy to have a home-based off-grid solution. The Energy Pole thus plans to revolutionize the standard means of power consumption and make green energy the norm.

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