G Labs Launches a New Energy Pole That Can Power Most Small Homes

Diamond Bar, CA | G Labs, a pioneer that incubates innovative start-ups, launches a new Energy Pole that combines the forces of wind and solar renewable energy to power most small homes day and night.

The Energy Pole utilizes four 100-watt solar panels and a 1600-watt wind turbine (for a total of 2000 watts) to power daily utilities. The Energy Pole also features variable height settings as well as the flexibility of ground mounting or roof mounting. This allows the Energy Pole to be efficiently used in any given circumstance.  The problem with typical home solar panel systems is that they are expensive and inefficient unless in constant sunshine. The Energy Pole utilizes the addition of the wind turbine to make up for inefficient solar energy conditions and allows power to continue production through the night.

According to a 2017 article from Solar Industry Magazine, the high upfront costs of solar panel installations and the slow return they provide are turnoffs for people looking for an energy alternative. At less than $3000, the G Labs Energy Pole provides a better alternative and overall greater incentive to switch to renewable energy sources. Arnel Guiang, the founder and creator of G Labs and the Energy Pole, is currently testing the first prototype to power his home and electric car.

The G Labs Energy Pole is the first step to making renewable energy sources much more feasible and flexible for the general public. For more information about the Energy Pole’s specifications or about how to pre-order your own, visit our website. Also, please consider supporting our Indiegogo. For general inquiries, contact us.

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