I like a good fight
It’s barbaric but with a stucture and its own etiquette. It’s the coliseum, running man and sometimes an art form. Some magical displacement of me is in the ring fighting, bobbing and weaving and also commenting and eating a salad (i don’t eat red meat)
When I was a kid, I attended P.S 41 in Greenwich Village (and note to those on the wrong side of the ‘which came first’ argument, my schools was across the street from the actual, genuine, Original Ray’s pizza)
Muhammad Ali used to come to our school to film his parts of Candid Camera. He brought me into boxing the way the best athletes can be a marketing force for their sport.
A few years after Sugar Ray, Roberto Duran, Livingston Bramble, Bonecrusher Smith and then Mike Tyson comes Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. They are, or were, both great fighters and if they had fought 5 or so years ago it would have been a heck of fight.

Apollo’s Trainer:He doesn’t know it’s a damn show, he thinks it’s a damn fight!

Pacquiao never had fantastic technical skills, what he had was incredible reflexes. That’s a huge advantage when you’re young. But as fighters get older and the reflexes slow, they go from great to good, and, if they stay in the game too long, they go all the way to horrible.
I didn’t watch alleged ‘fight of the century’.
I knew it wasn’t going to be good.
Fighting is a very tough sport. You get punched in the face a lot. It’s a tough way to get out of impoverishment.
Mayweather go paid 150 million+, Pacquiao 100 million+.
They get paid whether they win or lose
They are both well over their prime
They are both extremely successful outside of the ring
They are entertainers on a farewell tour.

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