Helping People Find Housing and Food in the Cold Months of L.A.

Los Angeles has notoriously been known to have increasing rising numbers of homeless/homeless who lack the necessary resources to survive. This could be due to but not–limited to– several factors like SES, Race, ethnicity, household size and the ever-longing stubborn re-occurring COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s a hard truth of the matter that many more will be affected.

According to a study conducted by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA).

“The results of the point-in-time count, conducted over three nights in February, estimated that 69,144 people were experiencing homelessness in LA County at that time, a 4.1% rise from 2020, and 41,980 people were experiencing homelessness in the City of LA, up 1.7% from 2020. (A count was not conducted in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The same study by LAHSA stated that there has a been a drop of 1.4 drop with individuals who were experiencing unsheltered homelessness due to certain “innovative government non-congregate shelter programs like Project Roomkey and Project Homekey.”

Hunger doesn’t have a face. Nearly 1 in 5 residents in Los Angeles County face food insecurity. That is over 2 million people that face it in L.A. alone.

Some are families and individuals that are well known to this struggle and there are others who would have never foreseen this as a problem in their household.

Due to skyrocketing inflation, a global economic recession and the pandemic, food insecurity has become a major and deadly problem.

Here in Los Angeles, we are extremely lucky to have non-profit organizations like the Los Angeles food bank who’s vision mission states, “No one goes hungry in Los Angeles County.”

Since the non-profits organizations beginning in 1975, it has distributed over 1.83 billion pounds of food. The bank works with different distributors, organizations and volunteers which make it easier for people in need of necessary amenities with locating food pantries around Los Angeles is as easy as redirecting to their site located here.

There are so many resources that L.A. has to offer and can be found easily. Listed below are some other organizations that help with homeless/houseless individuals and those who are food insecurity. Volunteer centers will also be listed

  1. L.A. Works – volunteering

Photo Credit: Ricardo Lara Nava

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