In my cell of a room

Hunkered down in my cell of a room

and brain surrounded by walls made of steel

I’ve been to the ol’ so great redwood forest of California

Blowing the purest form of air at you

and covering you with a blanket made out of fog

and receiving a gift in the form of muddy shoes once you get out

Though it is cold and since mother nature knows you oh so well

She added steep hills in your travels to keep you oh so warm

Mother nature is with you in the forest but once you leave she’s gone too

And now you are on your own

Cold and shivering from your swar soaked shirt

Then arriving home

walking past the dark living room and kitchen

Though it may not be as cold as outside

The soul feels alone and it grown and it moans

Hunger and thirst then hit you all at once

You look inside the cabinets and spot a can of soup

TOMATO SOUP it reads and nothing else

You don’t have a pit so you put it in a bowl and microwave it until it goes beep beep beeeeeeeeep

Dinner is served

And you sit and enjoy your slightly cold soup only to think about what to do next

Nothing comes to mind so you take a bath

You soak in the water and still no ideas

The ideas never come

The ideas never hit

The music is playing and it only heals the soul

ALL IS WELL can only be heard so this might be true



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