L.A. Play Review: Bob’s Holiday Office Party

A play of laughs and hilarious absurdity hits the Beverly Hills Playhouse and runs from Dec. 2-18 with shows on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 7:30pm.

‘Bob’s Holiday Office Party,‘ takes you into a world nestled in the quirky office of insurance agent, Bob Finhead, for his annual holiday party. The revolving door of characters that parade through the office are colorful, loud, devilish and wild.

The town mayor, the sheriff, the twin farmer sisters, the stoner, the town floozy and the pastor’s wife, all make their way over to Bob’s to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. As a brew of scandal and misfit love ensues, you realize they are just happy to be together. As dysfunctional and turbulent as their lives are, they are held together by their small yet colorful community of Neuterburg, Iowa and Bob Finhead is the glue. There is so much chaos in one room; it is brilliant to watch it all unfold. No topic is too taboo and no filthy stone is left upturned. This is a roller coaster from start to finish and the thrills are infused by the usual cocktail of music, neighbors and the holidays.

The show is written by Joe Keyes and Rob Elk. Director Matt Roth’s cast includes: Elk & Keyes, who are joined by returning cast members Mark Fite, Maile Flanagan, Peter Breitmayer and J.P. Manoux. As well as, Chloe Taylor, Judy Henneghan, Andrea Hutchman, Sirena Irwin, Johanna McKay & Pat Towne.

BOBS Office party1

This power-packed play has been running for 25 years and has a cult following, perhaps because it can feel so relatable and at the same time spontaneous. At any moment you feel the whole thing could go off the rails and you will watch it teeter with excitement and joy.

Bob faces an internal dilemma during the madness. He is torn between living his life in Iowa or leaving for the unknown to follow his dreams of becoming an inventor and moving to a big city. There is a story line to follow amongst the debauchery. This wonderful play is exactly what the theater is about, pure unfiltered excitement.

The Beverly Hills Playhouse is located at 254 S. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills CA. 90211.

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