“Looking for a red Flower”

There it was,

In the big ceramic pot

Trying to get

My attention-this

Beautiful flower, with

Marvelous colors. I

Cherished it, cared for it,

And it blossomed

In my garden.

One day, the sun dried it,

And I repotted it when

The season changed.

I got new seeds, and

Planted them together,

For inspiration. The seeds

Moved into the soil, taking

Up residence in this new

Ceramic pot, creating

Life. One day, the pot

Became a showcase of

Red flowers that I could

Look away from. At

One amazing flower, shy

Half hidden among the riot

Of others, raised its head

As if to greet me. A small

Rosebud, a gentle,

Its singular simplicity

Touched my heart, and

Opened me.

By: Leticia Pontoni

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