An  ill-informed view of the States by some British guy What is being British? Is it to go about your daily activities with utmost finesse and impeccable manners. Being reserved, polite, well dressed, well spoken, sophisticated, with bad teeth – think James Bond, amalgamated with Hugh grant, Harry Potter, Prince Charles and … er…Spinal Tap. These stereotypes prevail around the States (or so I’m told by my “Aymayreecan” friends), but oddly enough – the British are viewed in a whole different light around continental Europe.

In Europe the Brits are hell-raising alcoholic soccer hooligans. I wish I could defend such allegations – but they’re pretty spot on. Britain has (since WWII) an 11pm closing time for the vast majority of alcohol outlets – bars / pubs / shops etc. Thus we have adapted to our surroundings to ensure we are well and truly lubricated come 11. Unfortunately – should we travel to the continent we cannot cope with 24 hour bars and we can no longer suppress our true alcoholic violent form. With our weather, alcohol is required – no…. mandatory to survive the drab winter (which lasts 11 months). Alcohol consumption is clearly related to weather……just look at the Russians.

Britain is a pretty multicultural place. I’m British/French by blood – but have spent most of my life travelling around the world – settling in a place for a couple of years maximum.

Now I’ve made it quite clear that Britain is viewed in a pretty mediocre manner, my tirade on how we view America will seem less aggressive / hypocritical. Yes – I understand my views are un-PC and completely off kilter – but isn’t that somewhere in your Bill of Rights? Y’know – the right to free speech, unless you saying anything disagreeing with your President….

or his daddy….or the “war”…..or mediocre money grabbing foreign policies…..or big business….or …….hey – do I detect a pattern? It’s not really a Bill of Rights – it’s a “ Bill of Rights* ”.

Yep. It’s true to say America’s viewed pretty poorly at the moment. I’ve got to say – I view America pretty poorly too. I feel as if the majority of people have been brain washed. I was in Barcelona recently and met a couple of American girls – one of which had a boyfriend “fighting for my freedom in Eye-raq”. Was that the freedom against potential weapons of mass destruction….ummm…..or from the many Al Qaiida operatives…….ummm……or  to put Starbucks & McDonald’s on every corner whilst our troops guard the oil fields?

Then again – the majority of this angst is spawned purely from your marionette – sorry, President. Now – don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I dislike “Junior”…….I just think he’s the antichrist. How can a nation elect somebody & trust them with the highest position in the country – with the responsibility of not just the nation – but to the rest of the world, when:

–              It’s been proven he deserted the military

–              He was an alcoholic

–              Xxxxxxxxxxx (more facts)

OK – it was a pretty damn close election – BUT THE MAJORITY OF YOU GUYS ELECTED HIM! You may not know it – but the vast majority of the world view the States as a subtle Nazi entity. The people brainwashed by the hype, with the “democratic” government rapidly taking over the world. The Nazis were all about show – “Let’s take Poland, whilst wearing fetching Hugo Boss Uniforms……just to show we’re the master race. Bring on the SS Uber-mensch.

We’ll show the world we are the best!” Your Government however is more subtle. It does not invade a country – it “liberates”. It does not rape the country for multinationals to plunder – it sets the “framework for westernization”. The only difference between your country and the Nazis is that the latter would admit to commandeering a country. The US will not. It is doing it purely for the oppressed Iraqi people.

By: Rene Symonds

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