LA Tech Incubator Seeks To Invest and Partner With Impact Driven Startups

Contributor: Arnel Guiang

Filipino Asian American Founder, Sherwin Estanislao, opens up Creative Interlace Tech Ventures to the public to invest and partner with the next generation of high impact startups.

As a founder and an investor, Sherwin has made a name for himself and his firm in the Southern California venture community. He  understands first hand the struggles and grind of an entrepreneur;  to build a successful and profitable start up while making a meaningful difference in the community and marketplace.

Creative Interlace Tech Ventures is an impact-driven incubator that invests and partners with startups to provide full-scale business resources, a network of high-profile relationships across various industries, and decades of wisdom from past successes and failures of previous portfolio companies.

As a team, they value working with founders that are committed to their vision with a “do whatever it takes” attitude, all while creating a family based environment for both work and home life. Sherwin and his Co-Founder, Peter Cheng, are both working fathers that believe in applying their core values in both work and home life. To them, these are critical factors to a founding team’s long term success.

Over the years, the team has invested and partnered with dozens of companies across different industries and have consistently paved a path in taking a startup from idea to proof of concept, to revenue, to sustainable growth, and finally, to exit with the least amount of friction. Their vision is to implement this same proven roadmap to a select few impact driven startups to help them scale, and stake their claim in the marketplace.

If you’re a founder of a tech startup that seeks to make an impact, turn your vision into a reality, and make a profit while making a difference, then reach out to Sherwin and his team at See if you qualify for a potential investment and partnership with Creative Interlace Tech Ventures.

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