Southern California’s Must Try Soups: Aguadito, Bulalo, Congee and Sinigang

Soups are often taken for granted and considered the side dish along with table bread. Often times, soups are the comfort we need; and I would like to take a moment to make soup the main attraction: the purpose of the restaurant destination. In the last few months, I’ve been on a search for my favorite soups and here’s a list of must try soups.  

As our taste buds change for the colder weather, soup comes to mind as a comfort food. This list of soup is a unique list of some soups you may find new and tasteful. The purpose of this list is to make the soup the main dish and the point of the destination.  

Korean Pub House Soup 

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Dan Sung Sa.  Koreatown

3317 W 6th St Los Angeles, CA 90020

At Dan Sung Sa in Koreatown, there’s a house bar soup to compliment your beer order.  Order a beer and it comes with a spicy soup with a meat broth.   They just call it their house soup, which is probably bone broth with some spices in it.  The soup compliments the beer and your appetizers very well.    This soup is a secret gem of Koreatown and you will enjoy the entire experience of this late night venue, especially while eating their comforting house soup.     The atmosphere is for the late night meal after hanging out in Koreatown.   The staff is wearing army fatigues giving a theme of an underground place.   Order at least 5 different appetizers to compliment your soup and beer.  

Peruvian Aguadito Soup  

El Pollo Inka

550 Deep Valley Dr Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

Try the green chicken soup at El Pollo Inka, which is commonly known as aguadito. There are several locations of El Pollo Inka, but this picture was taken at the Palos Verdes location. The cilantro gives it the taste and the green color.  

Sinigang Filipino Sour Soup

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1931 Pacific Coast Hwy Lomita, CA 90717

Sinigang is a tangy and sour Filipino soup with a tamarind base. Most Filipino restaurants serve it.   It’s even better to eat with rice in the soup, that’s why the photo has rice in it.  There’s nothing wrong with having a half scoop of rice on your spoon with the soup.   Try the sinigang at Cavitena on Pacific Coast Highway in  Lomita.  On weekends during the late nights there are live bands and karaoke for entertainment as well.  The restaurant is open early for breakfast.   It’s nice to have sinigang in the morning.    

Bulalo Filipino Beef Marrow Bone Soup

Salo Salo 

2530 Amar Rd West Covina, CA 91792

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Filipino soup with beef shanks and beef marrow bones.   The soup is clear and often has leafy vegetables.   It’s rare to find bulalo on the menu at Filipino restaurants and it tastes homemade by your mom or your grandmother.   

Matzo Ball Soup

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Daughter’s Deli

8555 Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069

With the holidays coming up, have some matzo ball in classic broth with chicken hits the spot. The soup is served with bagel chips.

Tom Ka Gai Thai Coconut Soup

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Brown Rice Thai

233 Gentle Spring Ln Diamond Bar, CA 91765

The coconut white soup is a staple at most Thai restaurants.  When they ask how spicy, get it spicy.  


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Delicious Food Corner

20955 Golden Springs Dr Diamond Bar, CA 91789

The Delicious Food Corner restaurant for breakfast is an authentic Cantonese and Hong Kong experience.   You will hear Cantonese speakers and morning smells at this restaurant.   Nothing beats having congee with a splash of soy sauce in the morning.   

Clam Chowder at the Redondo Fish Market


Quality Seafood

130 S International Boardwalk Redondo Beach, CA 90277

You can get clam chowder anywhere, but getting clam chowder at the Redondo Beach Pier is an entire experience.   Along with your clam chowder get some fresh recently live seafood.  I recommended getting a live sea urchin, one dungeness crab, clam chowder, and make sure to sit at the outside patio tables.   Eat with your hands.  

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