Why I am voting Trump and you have to also

Voting Trump?
Are you high, do you have an addiction to pain killers or something?
You’ve been devilishly click baited and now you’re busted. Your just like one of those attempted child molesters and you’re eagerly ringing the doorbell but then a TV investigative reporter answers the door and he’s got a camera crew and the Sheriff.
If you’re even willing to entertain a voting Trump you are much too naive and gullible a person to be permitted to vote (interesting note, did you know the word gullible is not in the Mirriam-Websters dictionary?)
You should immediately go to your State Supreme Court and register yourself as ‘ineligible’. Please complete the form here and bring it with you.
Are you of legal age to vote, are you 4 years old and you’re playing with your iPad again?
Or maybe you are looking for a Republican bud to bond with, like maybe we can get a beer and talk about how stupid the Demcrats are and how the Mexicans must be stopped.
All kidding aside, you are insane.
You’ve got problems and you deperately need an intervention.
You need people to sit on your chest and tell you you’re an idiot and then your parents tell you how you’ve ruined their lives, and then sis and grammy too.
And then you need to be scared straight. You need to be taken to a prison so someone can talk some sense into you and take your sneakers.
And you dress funny.
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