9 Ways Water Raises Your Spiritual Vibration

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Water is one of the best spiritual tools to utilize when raising your vibration! But how so, you might be wondering? In this post, we’ll explain how water raises your spiritual vibration – so you can begin implementing them into your life.

Drinking water detoxes negative toxins in your body  

Studies have concluded that drinking a glass of water in the morning can help with the purification process within your body. On a spiritual level, drinking water helps detox negative toxins and purifies your body – allowing cleaner energy to enter and naturally raising your spiritual vibration. The harsher the contents you put into your body, the longer it’ll take to remove: drinking water regularly cares for your spiritual well being and tends to the longevity of your health.

You can use water to cleanse your crystals

If you’re a crystal-lover like myself, did you know you can use water as a spiritual crystal cleanser? That’s right. And depending on the crystal – simply, rinse it underwater for a few seconds and leave it in the sun to soak up the rays’ vibration.

A spiritual bath provides holistic healing benefits

Did you know by throwing a couple of bath salts into your water when bathing can help raise your spiritual vibration? Well, maybe there’s a little more to that – but for the most part, spiritual baths are very real. Using something like Epsom salt in your water when performing a spiritual bath can help clean your energy and naturally raise your spiritual vibration.

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Sitting near water can raise your spiritual vibration

water spiritual

Whether you’re listening to the trickling sound of water nearby or walking along the beach – the sound (and presence) of water is exceedingly beneficial for your well being. Researchers claim that humans have a natural connection to water. And when we’re near water, a flood of neurochemicals is triggered that promotes wellness.

Water also increases blood flow: it has a natural ability to relax us and keep us calm. For those who meditate, how often do you hear the sound of water behind a track? Or why do you think certain people enjoy the sound of rain? Water has a spiritual effect on you. And when in a stressful, anxious, or confused frame of mind- we encourage you to implement the sounds of water.

Water boosts your energy

Water works exceptionally well to boost your energy and raise your spiritual vibrations. Whenever you’re feeling deflated, unmotivated, or tired – either drink or cover your body in water. And if you’re feeling extra exhausted, spend some time listening to the sounds of water – and notice how your energy will slowly rise.

It promotes happiness

Did you know that water can help you become a happier, more positive person? When you stay hydrated – your energy will continue being balanced, naturally promoting happiness. And when raising your vibration, happiness plays a large role in that process.

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Consuming water will help clean your energy

One of the most natural methods to rid your energy of negativity is through the consumption of water. Everyone has an energy field, also referred to as an aura. People with a denser, lower vibrational energy will benefit from water – especially if their intention is to raise their spiritual vibration. 

Pure water is the best water to consume when cleaning your energy – but some people also state that alkaline water has the best effects on raising your spiritual vibration. Remember, you can implement other herbs or veggies/fruits into your water too. So long as your intention remains the same – an added lemon won’t hurt!

Blessing water can encourage spiritual gratitude

Gratitude is a primary tool for raising your spiritual vibration, so it’s no surprise that blessing water will encourage that. To begin implementing water gratitude – simply, thank your water before using it. For example, as you drink a glass of water, say to yourself “thank you water, for everything you do for me.” This is also called affirmations, and although it might seem silly – it’s a truly great habit to use in your life.

Water spiritual visualization helps to de-stress

If you haven’t heard of water visualization, it’s the art of visualizing water when in a stressful situation. You can do this by taking a deep breath inwards and imagining water as a serene and safe place. For example, you might find happiness when looking at ocean waves or listening to a waterfall – whatever the case, practice visualizing water to help you de-stress. Try this next time you’re noticing the signs of stress appearing, and use it to calm yourself. 

Editors note: This article has been reposted with permission from the original source, EYLIZA.

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