DisneylandForward: 1.9 Billion Dollar Expansion Plan Approved, Kinda

The Disneyland Resort, located in Anaheim, CA, has been a major heartbeat of entertainment since its opening in 1955. Walt Disney was inspired through his talents and love of family to create a tangible dream that would be forever changing and building for generations. 

‘DisneylandForward’, which is a 1.9 billion dollar expansion development project for the Disneyland Resort was recently approved unanimously by the city of Anaheim. The Resort will be utilizing already previously approved zoning areas which include 57 acres of parking and unused land. The proposal will now be handed off to the city council for clarification for how ‘Disneyland Forward’ will repurpose the property. 

The city of Anaheim is not just home to Mickey Mouse and the Gang but to 346K local residents which means that with an already congested mecca, an expansion means higher crowd rates and higher traffic. What does this mean to the future livelihood of Anaheim?

According to Mayor Ashleigh Aitken, “When Disneyland grows, Anaheim thrives,” Mayor Aitken said in a statement. “Last night’s vote (April 2024) to approve the DisneylandForward Plan will benefit Anaheim for decades to come. The plan will provide important funding to the City of Anaheim to build affordable housing, enhance parks, and improve infrastructure.” This plan will also create thousands of jobs within the Disney company.

Disneyland and California Adventure, also known as DCA, have been under construction for years and it’s exciting to always see what new projects come from the brains of Disney’s Imageneers.

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